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I’m Belén and I offer tailored

I'm Belén and I offer tailored language services from English to Spanish.

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language services

from English to Spanish.

Let me tell you more!

What I offer



I perform human translations from English into Spanish. I make sure that the translation is a perfect fit for the target audience without compromising any of the terminological or stylistic content found in the original text. I can offer a translation-only service, or a three-step process incorporating translation, editing and revision. This service guarantees a top-quality translation.


Editing and proofreading

This service is suitable for documents originally written in Spanish and for existing Spanish translations. Even if your content is ready to be published, another look with fresh eyes won’t do any harm. That way, you can feel secure in the knowledge that the final document is totally error-free with no spelling mistakes, grammatical issues, or awkward phrases. During this process, I always observe and apply the accepted writing and formatting standards for each document type.



I use this method of translation to adapt and transform your content so that it has the desired impact in your target market and the wider cultural context. This process goes beyond translation and it requires a creative approach, especially since the cultural nuances of certain texts (in publishing or advertising, for example) need to be carefully adapted to each community.


Certified translation

I make sure that the translation has the same legal effect as the original document. If you need to submit a translation to an official body or organization, my professional registration allows me to sign, stamp and certify the translation for the required institution, thereby giving your translation the status of an official document. This certification is valid for both national and international procedures.

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Content writing

Give me a concept and any specific ideas you may have, and I’ll bring your message and meaning to life on paper. I create original content that reaches out and inspires the Spanish-speaking market you want to connect with. This effective and engaging content will make its mark on the Latin American market and the wider community.


Acompañamiento lingüístico.​

Si tu idioma es el español y necesitás realizar trámites o trabajar con contenido en inglés, puedo guiarte y acompañarte en ese camino. Puedo ayudarte a preparar una presentación para el extranjero, a realizar trámites de inmigración, o lo que sea que necesites.

If you’re not sure which service best suits your needs, feel free to get in touch!

My process

I am like language itself: curious, ever-changing, always on the move and in a state of constant transformation.

I am not a translation agency, and that’s why I don’t act like one. I offer tailored services where you and your project take centre stage. You’ll have my undivided attention. I think carefully about each and every word in order to set you apart from the competition and to make sure that your target market, wherever they are in the world, understands your message and engages with your content.

I believe in the importance of conveying information in a respectful and inclusive way. That’s why you won’t find any discriminatory language in my work. I also avoid drawing attention to gender unless the text itself, or other factors at play, require me to be specific.


Educational reading and activity books, educational stories and games for children, summaries, academic articles and essays, articles on gender studies, literary and journalistic texts.

Advertisements, brochures, labels, training material, catalogs, commercial content, descriptions of products and services, blogs, newsletters, press releases, business correspondence, desktop and mobile applications, website content.

Presentations and speeches, user manuals, installation guides, safety data sheets, technical descriptions and registrations of products and services.

Certificates (birth, death, marriage, etc.), academic diplomas and qualifications, confidential letters and agreements, documentation for importing and exporting products.

I work with a team of colleagues who specialize in other sectors and they excel at what they do. If you need one of my services in a different sector, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Get in touch and let’s get started!


Do you already know which service you need?

Tell me about your project. We’ll discuss your requirements and work together to decide the best way of meeting your goals. I’ll get back to you within 24 hours once I’ve given your proposal some thought and come up with the best answer to your question.

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