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English to Spanish Translation

I translate content into Latin American Spanish, US Spanish or Argentinian Spanish for businesses that use English as their main communication language. This way, they can have international connections and reach the vast Spanish-speaking community worldwide.

As a linguist who embraces and celebrates inclusion and diversity, I strive to convey information using clear and inclusive language.
I also understand the immense importance of culture in expansion strategies, so I make sure that my translations are authenticrespectful, and culturally sensitive.

No project is too big! I partner with other trusted and like-minded translators in the same areas who would love to assist you if you need help with large projects.

If you need translation services from Spanish into English or in any other language combination, let me know and I’ll find the best way to help you through my talented partners.

Wellness, Health, and Personal Growth

Wellness is one of the world’s biggest and fastest-growing markets.

In addition to an increased awareness of health and nutrition, the latest developments in technology and a series of economic and societal events have opened the door to new apps, software and resources which people can access from anywhere in the world.

However, all these endless technological possibilities serve no purpose if not everyone can have access to valuable information in their native language.

By making their content available in Spanish, health, fitness, nutrition, wellness and personal growth educators, creators, authors, coaches, organisations and studios, to name a few, can let people access life-changing information and get professional help.

Here are some of the materials I can help with:

  • Webinars and courses
  • Marketing content: newsletters, blog posts, social media copy, emails and press releases
  • Books, journals and publications
  • Internal communications
  • Websites
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Mindful Travel and Tourism

A new awareness has sparked in the travel industry. More and more consumers align with the values of the brands that believe in a different way of travelling, that are conscious of the negative environmental and socio-cultural impacts, and that actually want to do something about it.

Those are the businesses they want to support: companies that embody meaning and offer something different, more valuable. And value isn’t just about price.

If more mindful travel businesses shared their content in different languages, more people would find out that there’s much more to travelling than just ticking off a list of “must-see” destinations. They would build their journeys with intention, even if that takes more effort and financial resources.

By communicating in Spanish, travel brands, authors, bloggers, agencies and organisations can reach this huge community of travellers, inspire them, and activate meaningful action.

Here are some of the materials I can help with:

  • Websites
  • Books, journals and publications
  • Marketing material: travel guides, blog posts, social media copy, brochures, itineraries, newsletters, emails, press releases and surveys

Wellness Travel and Tourism

As a merger between my two specialisms, I also provide language services for the wellness travel industry.

According to the Global Wellness Institute, wellness tourism is the powerful intersection of two large and growing industries: tourism and wellness.

This industry goes beyond the defined set of typical wellness businesses, such as spas, wellness retreats, thermal springs and boot camps. Wellness travellers are looking to continue their wellness lifestyle during travel, and this lifestyle may encompass healthy eating, fitness routines, mind-body practices, nature experiences, and connections with local people and culture, which means that they are creating opportunities for businesses such as yoga studios, gyms and fitness centres, healthy food stores or markets, events, arts and crafts, museums, and many others.

This increasing trend presents an opportunity for all these businesses: by speaking to wellness travellers in their native language, they can really engage with them and create real connections.

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